RF antenna solutions and high-quality product supplier
RF antenna solutions and high-quality product supplier
High sensitivity built-in GPS ceramic antenna
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Since current car navigation products all use built-in ceramic receiving antennas, high-quality ceramic GPS antenna manufacturers mainly introduce the composition of the built-in receiving antenna and the reception performance of satellite signals. GPS antenna is composed of two parts: receiving antenna and preamplifier. The function of the GPS receiving antenna is to convert the electromagnetic wave energy of the radio signal from the satellite into a current that can be picked up by the receiver electronics. Most of the built-in GPS antennas are right-handed polarized ceramic media, and their components are: ceramic antennas, low-noise signal modules, cables, and connectors.

GPS ceramic antenna manufacturers

1. Ceramic antenna is also called passive antenna and dielectric antenna, which is the core technology of GPS antenna. The signal receiving ability of a GPS antenna depends mostly on the composition of its ceramic parts.

2. The low-noise signal module is also called LNA, which amplifies and filters the signal. The selection of its components is also very important, otherwise it will increase the reflection loss of the GPS signal and cause excessive noise.

3. The selection of cables should also be based on reducing reflection to ensure impedance matching.

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