RF antenna solutions and high-quality product supplier
RF antenna solutions and high-quality product supplier
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pre-sale service

Consultation: The sales staff will provide you with comprehensive and professional information consultation and recommend the most suitable antenna products for you. Help you keep abreast of the development trend of antenna technology, so that the equipment users need to purchase or upgrade can reach the advanced level of the current antenna system, saving you time and money.

Technical support: Provide users with applicable antenna engineering solutions and quotations, and provide users with necessary technical support for our products (equipment model specifications, use precautions, etc.).

Quality Assurance: Before the equipment leaves the factory, the company will conduct quality inspections on each product to ensure that each product meets the quality standards.

In-sale service
Technical training: Comprehensive and professional technical training for user operators.

After-sale service

◆ The product warranty period is within 12 months after the product is accepted. During the warranty period, responsible for free parts supply and warranty service.

◆ After the warranty period, we are responsible for the paid maintenance of the product, and only charge the material cost for the repaired parts.

◆ Various parts of all products are guaranteed to be fully and adequately supplied.

◆ Once the user's maintenance request is received, our company's technicians guarantee to arrive at the scene within 48 hours.

◆ For users to upgrade and update the system equipment, the company provides full cooperation and support in technology, business, manpower and other aspects, and strives to meet user needs.

◆ When users have major events, technical support services can be provided.

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