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RF antenna solutions and high-quality product supplier
Related introduction about wireless antenna
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When the computer is far away from the wireless AP or other computers, or cannot communicate with the AP or other computers at all, at this time, the wireless antenna must be used to gain (amplify) the signal received or sent.

The antenna of the wireless device itself has a certain distance limit. When the distance exceeds this limit, these external antennas must be used to enhance the wireless signal to achieve the purpose of extending the transmission distance. There are two concepts involved.

Wireless antenna frequency range

The gps antenna manufacturer tells you that it refers to the frequency band where the antenna works. This parameter determines which wireless standard wireless device it applies to. For example, 802.11a standard wireless devices need an antenna with a frequency range of 5GHz to match, so when buying an antenna, be sure to check this parameter for the corresponding product.

Wireless antenna gain value

This parameter represents the antenna power amplification factor. The larger the value, the greater the signal amplification factor. That is to say, the larger the gain value, the stronger the signal and the better the transmission quality.

Okay, now I will introduce to you what a wireless antenna is. Then there are many types of wireless antennas. Let us first understand the indoor wireless antenna.


There are many types of wireless antennas, but there are two common ones. One is the indoor antenna, which has the advantages of convenience and flexibility, but the disadvantage is that the gain is small and the transmission distance is short; the other is the outdoor antenna. There are many types of outdoor antennas, one is a pot-shaped directional antenna, and the other is a rod-shaped omnidirectional antenna. The advantage of the outdoor antenna is that it has a long transmission distance and is more suitable for long-distance transmission.

1. Omnidirectional antenna

Indoor omnidirectional antennas are suitable for wireless routers, APs and other devices that require extensive coverage of signals. They can evenly distribute the signals in a 360-degree omni-directional area around the center point. It is suitable for short link points and large distribution angles. A large number of cases.

2. Directional antenna

The indoor directional antenna is suitable for indoor use, because it has the strongest energy gathering ability and the signal directivity is also excellent. When in use, its pointing direction should be quite concentrated with the angle of the receiving device.

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