RF antenna solutions and high-quality product supplier
RF antenna solutions and high-quality product supplier
The relationship between 5g antenna and the Internet
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History is history after all, society is progressing forward after all. The relationship between 5g antennas and the Internet is also very close. With the rapid development of Internet users in cities and the increasing number of high-rise buildings, the application density, utilization and coverage of LTE networks The requirements are also rising. Buildings are large in scale, good in quality, and have a strong shielding effect on network signals, and in the lower floors of large buildings, underground shopping malls, underground parking lots, commercial venues, stadiums, electronics, food factories, production sites, supermarkets, etc. In places, the LTE network signal is weaker and cannot be used normally, thus forming blind and shadow areas of the mobile network. The indoor network distribution can effectively solve this type of problem.

The LTE indoor distribution system is a solution for indoor user groups to improve the Internet environment in buildings. It mainly uses outdoor antennas to receive signals from mobile base stations, and then uses indoor antenna distribution systems to evenly distribute the signals in every corner of the room , So as to ensure that the indoor area has ideal signal coverage. The LTE indoor signal distribution system is mainly composed of various LTE outdoor antennas, LTE indoor ceiling-mounted antennas, power splitter passive components, cables and repeaters.

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