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Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of satellite antennas
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The satellite communication system generally consists of four parts: a space subsystem, a communication earth station, a tracking telemetry and command subsystem, and a monitoring management subsystem.

Shenzhen high-quality gps antenna manufacturers talk about the advantages of satellite communication:

1. Not affected by any natural disasters and man-made events between the two communication points;

2. Not restricted by any complicated geographic conditions between two points of communication;

3. Long communication distance: The longest communication distance is 13,000 kilometers in the satellite beam coverage area;

4. High communication quality and high system reliability. It is often used as a support system during submarine cable repair;

Disadvantages of satellite communication:

1. The success rate of satellite launch is 80%, the launch cost is not low, and the risk of launch failure needs to be assumed;

2. It is difficult to realize satellite communication in high latitude areas;

3. The service life of satellites varies from several years to several decades, and long-term planning is required.

4. Large transmission delay: 500 milliseconds to 800 milliseconds delay;

5. Solar transit and eclipse phenomena in space will interrupt and affect satellite communications;

6. In order to avoid mutual interference between various satellite communication systems, the satellite position of the synchronous orbit is limited, and the number of satellites cannot be increased without limitation;

Usually we use satellites for communication, mainly terminals such as satellite phones, which communicate directly with the satellite, and then the satellite communicates with the ground station and connects to the ground communication system to achieve the purpose of communication.

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