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What are the precautions for using GPS antennas
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1. GPS cannot be 100% positioning, let alone believe in the nonsense of indoor positioning. GPS is not like mobile phone broadcasting. It can receive signals anywhere. Many things will affect GPS reception, including the distribution of sky stars, buildings, viaducts, radio waves, leaves, grid thermal paper, etc., which will affect too many things In general, the area where the sky can be seen from the GPS position is the area where the GPS can receive the signal.

2. Don't use it once or twice, or one or two days, to determine the quality of GPS. Since the status of the sky satellites is different every day, maybe the same place, the reception is full in the morning, but the location cannot be located at night, it is possible, or it may not be well located for several days.

3. To compare the quality of GPS, it must be compared in the same place at the same time. Many people who buy a new GPS will say that the one I used before is better, but in this way, the missing is correct, because the time and place of use are different, the final result is much worse, and it must be used for a long time, or at the same time. In order to feel the difference between the two types of GPS.

4. GPS reception intensity meter is no longer sufficient as a reference for GPS purchase. Everyone who buys GPS will only look at the receiving table in the electronic map. It may be quite accurate before, but now GPS, in order to make the receiving table look good, so there are fake signals, or simulated signals, etc. The receipt form is indeed very beautiful, but it may not be correctly positioned or even displayed correctly.

5. There is no so-called indoor positioning GPS. Basically, if there is no signal indoors, there is no signal. The real indoor positioning needs to be indoors from the cold start, but the same can be located, it is the real indoor positioning, but basically indoor positioning has no meaning at all, because I will not navigate at home .

6. To buy GPS, you do not need to choose the brand as the purchase option, but you can choose the chip used internally. Basically, there are many GPS operators. Choosing an operator only considers after-sales service. It is not necessarily the best to receive a letter from a major manufacturer. Generally speaking, the same chip GPS, different operators do, the effect will not be too different. So choose GPS instead of brand, you can choose GPS receiver chip.

7. Inaccurate positioning is not necessarily the fault of GPS. Basically, the positioning error can be within 20 meters, which is considered a good GPS. In addition, the GPS position is not very accurate on the road. There may be many reasons, and the reception may be poor, causing errors. It may be a problem with the map data, or it may be a road. It is very wide, so it seems that GPS is stably offset from the road. After a long time, you will know whether it is GPS or map problem.

8. When purchasing GPS, the specification sheet is for reference only. What GPS specifications can complete positioning in a few seconds, what errors in meters, sensitivity, and so on. These are all well-written, and you need to know it when you really use it. To be honest, comparing specifications is a waste of time.

9. The GPS can be placed in the car as soon as it can be placed in the car. In addition to external antennas, things like GPS mouse can be put in the car as long as they can be placed in the car. Because the GPS is waterproof, but it is kept outside for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be hanging points, and it must be collected when getting on and off the car. Go, put it outside but it will be dry. It is recommended to choose the thermal paper carefully, or cut a hole in the thermal paper, and paste other things to make it look ugly.

10. If the GPS is newly purchased for the first time, or it is already in cold start state, please go to an open place to locate it outside the car. In this way, the positioning speed is relatively fast, and there are less strange phenomena. If you go directly on the road in the cold start state, even if the signal is very strong, you may not be able to locate the destination! This is very important. After positioning, put it in the car to see if the reception in the car will be worse. In addition, the longer the single GPS use time, the longer the satellite data can be saved. If it is not used for a long time, such as One or two weeks, GPS may return to cold start state.

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