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RF antenna solutions and high-quality product supplier
The manufacturing principle of 5g antenna
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The antenna itself is an oscillator, but different from the ordinary LC tank, it is a deformation of the ordinary tank. The electric field is concentrated in the two plates of the capacitor, while the magnetic field is distributed in the limited space of the inductor coil, so electromagnetic waves obviously cannot radiate to a wide space. If the oscillating circuit is expanded, the electromagnetic field is distributed in a large space, which creates conditions favorable for radiation; therefore, the modulated high-frequency signal current from the transmitter is sent to the antenna by the feeder and passed The antenna converts the high-frequency current energy into the corresponding electromagnetic wave energy. After the energy of the electromagnetic wave radiated into space is radiated from the transmitting antenna, it will propagate forward in all directions along the ground surface.

If a wire is placed in an alternating electromagnetic field, since the magnetic lines of force cut the wire, a certain alternating voltage-electromotive force is excited at both ends of the wire, the frequency of which is the same as the signal frequency. If the wire is connected to the receiver through the feeder, the current of the modulated signal can be obtained in the receiver. Therefore, this wire plays the role of receiving electromagnetic wave energy and transforming it into high-frequency signal current energy, so this wire is called the receiving antenna. Whether it is a transmitting antenna or a receiving antenna, they are all energy converters, and "reversibility" is a characteristic of general energy converters. The same antenna can be used as a transmitting antenna or a receiving antenna. Communication equipment generally uses one antenna for both receiving and transmitting. Therefore, the same antenna is not only related to the effective energy output of the transmitting system, but also directly affecting the performance of the receiving system.

The reversibility of Shenzhen 5g antenna is not only manifested in that the transmitting antenna can be used as a receiving antenna, and the receiving antenna can be used as a transmitting antenna, but also in the parameters when the antenna is used as a transmitting antenna, and when used as a receiving antenna. The parameters remain unchanged, which is the principle of reciprocity of the antenna.

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