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Why do car antenna manufacturers talk about cabin Wi-Fi
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Wi-Fi antennas and passenger planes are things that others don’t know. The Internet originated in the 1970s and was first developed in the US military. In the 1990s, it began to rise quietly in mainland China. Today, mobile Internet The tide has swept away many traditional industries and realized disruptive innovations. People’s communication and communication have become flatter, people’s work and life have become more convenient, and people’s entertainment and leisure have become more fragmented. The airplane cabin is still a virgin land untouched and uncultivated by the Internet. The network interconnection in the aircraft cabin, also known as inflight connectivity, or IFC for short, belongs to the category of In Flight Entertainment (IFE) upgrades, so it is often abbreviated as IFEC.

Car antenna manufacturers tell you why they want to talk about cabin Wi-Fi?

ATG, ATG-4, Ku, GTO, Ka, maritime, low- and mid-orbit satellites, hot air balloons, drones, etc., all kinds of aviation Internet access technologies are yours and I will appear on the stage, but these technologies are just solutions In order to solve the problem of the plane's ground-to-air interconnection, it is the aircraft passenger cabin Wi-Fi system.

The cabin Wi-Fi system is like the integrated wiring in the community. Regardless of the red line of the community, the fierce competition of various broadband access providers will eventually receive the end users through the integrated wiring system in the community. The cabin Wi-Fi system seems simple. Because of its powerful computing and storage capacity onboard server, its emergence is no longer a simple wireless interconnection concept. Its emergence makes IFE (Airborne Entertainment System) happen. Revolutionary changes have been realized from the cumbersome wired IFE in the past to the new generation of wireless IFEC. The emergence of the cabin Wi-Fi system has enabled airlines to have a better carrier for traditional paper-based media advertisements and hanging screen advertisements; Passengers no longer need to complain that the programs broadcast by airlines are too low, but can choose the videos they like to watch; enable passengers to have social channels on the same plane and meet good friends of the same aircraft; enable passengers to fight landlords with fellow passengers, play online games, and travel Become more comfortable; enable passengers to visit the Sky Mall, grab their favorite duty-free goods and travel-related good treasures; enable more convenient electronic channels for cabin service management, and make passenger services more personalized and targeted... …The appearance of the cabin Wi-Fi system has built a basic platform for the construction of the cabin ecosystem, and has become an effective carrier for airlines to improve cabin service quality and enhance passenger experience.

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