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The way the antenna is polarized
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The polarization of the antenna refers to the direction of the electric field strength formed when the antenna radiates. Polarized wave When the electric field intensity direction is perpendicular to the ground, the electric wave is called a vertically polarized wave; when the electric field intensity direction is parallel to the ground, the electric wave is called a horizontally polarized wave.

The antenna manufacturer tells you that the cause of the antenna is due to the characteristics of the electric wave, which determines that the signal transmitted by the horizontal polarization will generate a polarization current on the surface of the earth when it is close to the ground. The polarization current is affected by the earth impedance and generates heat, which makes the electric field signal rapidly attenuate , While the vertical polarization method is not prone to polarizing current, and then avoids the substantial attenuation of energy, ensuring the useful transmission of signals. This article comes from the mobile communication network. Therefore, in mobile communication systems, vertical polarization transmission methods are generally used.

In addition, with the development of new technologies, many use dual-polarized antennas. In terms of planning ideas, it is generally divided into two methods: vertical and horizontal polarization and ±45° polarization. The latter is generally better than the former in performance, so most of them choose the ±45° polarization method. The dual-polarized antenna combines two antennas with polarization directions of +45° and -45° orthogonal to each other, and work together in the transceiver duplex mode, which greatly saves the number of antennas in each cell; together, because ±45° is Orthogonal polarization is useful to ensure a good effect of diversity reception. (The polarization diversity gain is about 5dB, which is about 2dB higher than that of a single-polarized antenna. The polarization method of the antenna has nothing to do with distance. Mobile phone antennas generally follow the antenna manufacturers’ practices:

1. Externally, the vertical polarization direction is about 70%, and the horizontal polarization direction is about 5%, which can only receive vertical polarization waves.

 2. The built-in microstrip antenna can receive usefully in both vertical and horizontal polarization directions, and is a quasi-omnidirectional antenna.

3. If you choose vertical polarization, use horizontal slow circular polarization antenna to receive, far more than 3dB loss, there are more than 10-20dB loss.

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