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What can the patch ceramic antenna be used for?
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In simple terms, the working principle of ceramic antenna can be divided into two parts: transmitting antenna and receiving antenna, both of which extract the pseudo-random noise code and data code in the satellite signal to calculate the position, speed and time (PVT) of the receiver carrier. Information: The patch ceramic antenna is very popular recently. In addition to being used for navigation, what else can it be used for? Let me tell you the following antenna manufacturers:

Nowadays, many CMMB mobile TV terminals, or wireless network cards, in order to receive signals more sensitively, usually pull out the metal whip antenna during use. The whip antenna may make the appearance of the original delicate and small device appear uncoordinated, and even the antenna may break. Therefore, the use of patch ceramic antenna can replace the traditional whip antenna, so that the appearance of the device will not appear so cumbersome.

SMD ceramic antennas have small dimensions, such as 35mm×5mm×1.2mm, 10.5mm×15.5mm×1.2mm; it can cover the entire UHF band from 470MHz to 860MHz, up to 1.1GHz, with a 50Ω unbalance Interface, working temperature range is -40℃~+85℃, linear polarization in all directions.

Ordinary high-dielectric constant ceramics have relatively large losses, but the high-dielectric constant ceramics used in patch ceramic antennas have low dielectric loss factors and are easy to tune to cover the full UHF frequency band. The operation of ceramic antennas requires a digital tuning circuit. The tuning circuit passes through a reactor. Different combinations of bypass switches to produce

Appropriate tuning impedance is generated to select different frequency bands, and the switch part uses cheap PIN diodes. The tuner is easy to operate, does not require complicated control signals and receiving software, can resist GSM noise, has good temperature stability, low cost, and small size.

Therefore, the patch ceramic antenna can not only be installed in the navigation equipment for navigation, but also can replace the traditional whip antenna; in the antenna layout, other components should not be too close to the antenna, and other components should not be placed on or under the antenna to avoid components The internal metal affects the signal reception.

When mounting, the antenna must be fixed with underfill to provide the necessary mechanical strength to prevent the patch ceramic antenna from falling off.

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