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RF antenna solutions and high-quality product supplier
Use and installation of smart antenna
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1. The uses of smart antennas in mobile communications mainly include anti-fading, anti-interference, increasing system capacity, and positioning of mobile stations.


The smart antenna is used to control the receiving direction, and the antenna adaptively forms the directionality of the beam, so that the gain in the delayed wave direction is minimized and the influence of signal fading is reduced. Smart antennas can also be used for diversity to reduce fading.


High-gain, narrow-beam smart antenna arrays are used in WCDMA base stations, which can reduce interference from mobile stations to base stations and improve system performance. The anti-jamming application is essentially spatial domain filtering.

⑶ increase system capacity

In order to meet the huge demand for mobile communication services, the capacity and coverage of existing base stations should be expanded as much as possible. To minimize the number of base stations required for a new network, various methods must be used to improve the efficiency of spectrum utilization. One of the methods is to use smart antenna technology to replace ordinary antennas with multi-beam plate antennas.

⑷Realize mobile station positioning

The current cellular mobile communication system can only determine the cell where the mobile station is located. If the base station adopts a smart antenna array, once the signal is received, the response generated by the receiver connected to each antenna element is processed accordingly to obtain the spatial characteristic vector and matrix of the signal, thereby obtaining the power estimation and direction of arrival of the signal , The location of the user terminal.

2. The installation of the smart antenna is actually very simple, just remember the main points:

1. If the bending radius of the smart antenna's feeder is too large, the standing wave ratio will be affected.

2. When installing the smart antenna, the installer must wear protective gear for working at height.

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